What sets us apart.

The Total Wealth Equation allows the team at Union Bridge Capital to create strategies to maximize your total Spendable Wealth, which would otherwise be unavailable in today’s marketplace.

At most firms, “integrated” wealth management is delivered via a loosely connected network of professionals such as accountants, investment advisors, and insurance specialists referring clients to one another for no other purpose other than business development. With little communication between professionals after the initial referral, the true benefits of integrated wealth management are not realized. Moreover, this disjointed approach to financial planning, characterized by poor communication, can lead to costly mistakes, such as making an investment without regard to tax implications, or selling a business without knowing what to do with the proceeds from the sale.

Union Bridge Capital addresses these shortfalls through an integrated team approach. Whether a client is planning for retirement, growing and/or transferring a business, seeking to give wealth intergenerationally, engaging in charitable planning, or has any other objective, the goal is to maximize your total Spendable Wealth for that purpose.

Union Bridge Capital’s Total Wealth Equation has four core drivers of wealth accumulation:

These include returns from both public investments (e.g., stocks & bonds) as well as private investments (e.g., business equity).

We engage in in-depth tax planning to help our clients take full advantage of all tax mitigation strategies.

Legal structures can further increase tax savings or protect assets from outside parties.

Investment or liability risks can significantly detract from overall wealth if not managed properly.

With our unique integrated approach centered around the Total Wealth Equation, Union Bridge Capital creates personalized strategies to maximize your total Spendable Wealth.