In the age of globalization, an adaptive and evidence-based approach is paramount to successful wealth and investment management. With global leverage and systemic risk on the rise, investors need to focus not only on investment returns, but also on protecting against losses.  Our investment advisors create cutting-edge strategies to help investors in these unusual times and coordinate our investment management with the other facets of our clients’ financial lives.

Our unique investment process first recognizes that most investment managers are backward-looking: That is, they rely on historical performance as their only guidepost for asset allocation. We reject this notion, as the future will never be a carbon copy of the past, and create your investment allocations using forward-looking projections of investment performance.  Our methods of portfolio construction incorporate both Nobel Prize-winning and in-house research to deliver long-term client success.

Additionally, Union Bridge Capital embraces the idea of investing in accordance with market cycles. In other words, while some financial advisors may blithely use the same investment strategy in all market conditions, we recognize that there are times in which investors need to protect their wealth. Quantitative, fundamental, and technical analysis are used to identify the stages of the market cycle and dictate how aggressively to invest.  To learn more about our investment philosophy, please visit out institutional investment management subsidiary, Cantilever Wealth Management, LLC