Fourth Quarter Economic Commentary

Fourth Quarter Economic Commentary: Lowering Expectations for 2023

The Federal Reserve released their latest projections for the US economy on September 21 indicating sluggish expected GDP growth (0.2% in 2022 and 1.2% in 2023), slightly increasing unemployment (rising from 3.7% now to 4.4% in 2023 and 2024), and annualized inflation above the Federal Reserve’s 2% target until 2024.  Jerome Powell, the chairperson of

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Daniel J. Thompson, 2022 Five Star Wealth Manager

Daniel J. Thompson is Named 2022 Five Star Wealth Manager

Union Bridge Capital (UBC) is pleased to announce our founder, Daniel J. Thompson, earned a ninth year of recognized excellence with the receipt of the 2022 FIVE STAR Wealth Manager Award. Five Star Professional recognizes wealth management professionals who show a commitment of excellence to clients and demonstrate strong industry credentials. To receive the annual

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Thoughts On Thursday’s Stock Selloff

Global stock markets dropped sharply on Thursday, September 3, with mega-cap technology stocks accelerating their slide from the previous day. Various speakers from the Federal Reserve likely exacerbated nervousness among investors, with the presidents of the Chicago and Atlanta Federal Reserve branches publicly expressing concerns about asset bubbles and recent stock market performance. While the

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“Unprecedented” Charts to Put the Economy in Context

The last three months have been so “unprecedented” that Google Trends indicates that searches for the term “unprecedented” are up 1000% versus the historical average.  That’s, well, unprecedented.  During these unusual times, I have found charts and infographics helpful to put things into perspective.  Below, you can find a couple of our in-house charts along

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Bad Things Happen At Bad Times. . .

My investment mentor, a late legend among hedge fund managers, once explained to me the stages of a market decline. Public concern is first, which turns to worry, which then becomes fear, then becomes panic, and finally capitulation. One can get an idea of the current stage of public sentiment by the generally frantic nature of investors

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