Specialized services for closely-held businesses/business.

A large part of our practice is dedicated to working with our clients who hold business interests. The reality is that business and personal wealth are inextricably intertwined and therefore we work with our clients advising them on both their individual planning and business needs, as these areas are both components of a client’s overall wealth profile.

Some important things to consider are:

  • How can I fully coordinate my estate planning and business financial planning?

  • What is my business succession plan?

  • What is the level of funding of my buy-sell agreement?

  • How can I protect and keep my key employees, regardless of their title?

  • Managing my company’s financial programs diverts me from my core tasks. How can Union Bridge Capital help?

These concepts are of paramount importance and deserve a specialized approach that takes into account your individual financial picture and goals. Union Bridge Capital can close these gaps to fortify your position both in and out of the board room.

Business Valuation Optimization Consulting

We help business owners understand their current business value and what steps can be taken to significantly increase the future value of their business in anticipation of a sale or transfer. Through this process we will make recommendations for specific changes to the business, the cost of implementing these changes, but most importantly, what is the increase in the future value to a business in implementing these recommended changes.

Additional Business Services

Coordinating, implementing and managing the following business services takes valuable time away from your own core business. Union Bridge Capital is uniquely positioned to help with this and more.

  • 401(k) retirement plan due diligence and implementation

  • Profit sharing and defined benefit plans

  • ESOPs

  • Property and casualty solutions (auto, home, D&O, etc.)

  • Workers compensation insurance

  • Group and corporate life insurance

  • Executive planning

  • Business succession

  • Non-qualified deferred compensation