Complex wealth must be viewed and managed, holistically. Optimum problem identification and goal realization require engineered strategies. Any inefficiency in one’s solutions will cause suboptimal outcomes resulting in either less overall wealth and/or unrealized financial goals. To eliminate these structural planning problems, Union Bridge Capital has created and developed a proprietary planning model in what we refer to as the “Total Wealth Equation™.” This approach is the core of our philosophy as we elevate clients' planning to a more commonsense holistic approach and away from the inefficient and parochial approaches of the last century.


Union Bridge’s Total Wealth Equation is a reimagination and a modern approach to helping clients maximize their wealth. Our breakthrough approach understands that every client has one goal.  That goal is the same whether a client is planning for retirement, growing and/or transferring a business, seeking to transfer wealth intergenerationally, engaging in charitable planning, etc.  That goal is always the same - to maximize TOTAL DOLLARS available for whatever planning goal.

There are four core drivers of wealth.  They include return on investment (ROI), tax friction or loss (Taxes), the use of legal structures and strategies to positively enhance after-tax, after-expense wealth (Δ Legal) and the usage of insurance products to transfer personal, business and/or investment risks to a third-party insurance company (Δ Risk Management).

The Total Wealth Equation can therefore be thought of as follows:

ROI-Taxes-Fees Δ Legal Δ Risk Management=Total $

This approach focuses on an integrated delivery of professional services and is in contrast to how clients are currently treated.