Private Client Services


Our innovative approach for clients extends far beyond investment, tax, risk management and legal services.

We offer concierge services to free our clients' time and allow them to focus their attention on what matters most to them. Every client has unique needs and wants that help them maximize the enjoyment of their wealth. Whether a client needs assistance with on-going tasks or once-in-a-lifetime experiences, allow Union Bridge Capital as your family's advisor, to draw upon our trusted network of professionals and resources that best fit your and your family's needs.

Our Lifestyle Services include, but are not limited to;

  • Domestic and Security Staff Screening, Hiring and Payroll
  • Coordinating Health Care Advocacy
  • Next-Generation Financial Education
  • Family Meeting and Mediation
  • Real Estate Purchase and Property management
  • Purchase or Sale of Major Assets
  • Evaluating Club and Resort Memberships
  • Consultation on the Purchase of Art and Other Specialty Collections
  • Advising on Philanthropic Activities